communique.jpgSalve and Welcome to Magistra Cohen's Latin Page

Decatur's Latin program is designed to provide students with

  • an overall linguistic awareness and sensitivity
  • a knowledge of ancient culture and its influence on our modern world
  • reading ability in Latin


Every Wednesday is Animus Romanus – Latin Spirit Day! On Wednesdays we say The Pledge of Allegiance in Latin! I also encourage students to wear t-shirts with Latin phrases!

QUID NOVI? (What's New?)

Our Certamen team took second place at Glenbrook North High School on December 1! See us in action!

Have you seen Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary? Make sure to let me know if you submit a word!

lightningthief1.jpg The movie version of one of our favorite books is due out in February of 2010!Watch the movie trailer for Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief!

If you have not yet read the book, come borrow it from the Bibliothecula Latina BEFORE seeing the movie! All students in grades two through six are welcome to take advantage of the Bibliothecula Latina (little Latin lending library) and borrow a book for a week!


All School

Every week students learn a new Latin motto or saying. We call this list Verba Scriptaque, which means “Said and Written.” Ask your nearest Latin student about this week's verbum scriptumque!

You may be wondering what you can do to help your Latin student.

Keep up with your child! Here's how you say, "Hello! My name is . . ." in Latin!

Primary Grades

Third through Sixth Grades

Here is an overview of my homework guidelines.

Beginning in third grade, we use The Checklist as a structure for each chapter. Ask your student to guide you through his or her checklist. (What is the sentence chart?)

Third through sixth graders use Latin binders, which are organized following this Table of Contents.


Latin Olympics

Students in the intermediate grades are eligible to participate in the Latin Olympics, held on a Saturday in the spring at the University of Illinois at Chicago. All students take a series of tests in the morning and may choose to compete in costume, oratory, and art contests in the afternoon. Contests that occur in advance include the modern myth and t-shirt design competition. Additionally, four students in the fourth grade and four students in the sixth grade are invited to participate in the Certamen, which is an academic bowl competition.

Illinois Certamen League

certamen.jpgOur sixth graders also participate in the Illinois Certamen League’s Northern Division. Last year our varsity team took third place in the division! Congratulations, Certaminatores! This year’s competitions will be at area high schools on Tuesday evenings: October 27, December 1, and February 2. More information regarding places and study material is available on the Certamen page.

National Examinations

Every spring the American Classical League sponsors three national examinations. Read about the National Mythology Exam, the Exploratory Latin Exam and the National Latin Exam. These exams are fun and help students practice Latin, mythology, and test-taking skills. Additionally, students receive ribbons, pins, and medals for high achievement! This year the National Mythology Exam and the National Latin Exam will be given on February 25, 2010 and the Elementary Latin Exam will be given on February 19, 2010. Good luck to participants on all three exams!

Roman Banquet

roman.jpgEvery June a Roman Banquet we hold a Roman Banquet! Fifth and sixth graders wear Roman costumes, and younger students wear laurel wreaths. Included in the festivities are an awards ceremony, performances, a “Roman” pizza feast, and games. The entire school attends the games and cheers for the sixth grade teams. Here are some pictures from the 2009 Roman Banquet.


Are you wondering why we study Latin? The National Committee For Latin and Greek has many answers to that question. Don’t miss their section on Latin in the News!


Finally, here are some links that I think are summa cum laude!



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding Latin!

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