What’s going on in Dance class?

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This week we started a wide variety of genres at Decatur. As we practice dancing in our own personal space, each grade started units in the following areas:

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade: The students in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade are Title Page of "I Am Yoga"learning about Creative Movement and Yoga. Creative Movement is a type of dance that allows for students to use their own imagination to build dance moves and poses. This week we worked on levels (high, medium, and low), speed (fast and slow), and locomotor/non-locomotor movement. We had a lot of fun using animals as inspiration to create moves. We read “I Am Yoga” by Susan Verde and tried out some yoga poses and affirmations such as, “I am strong.”


Ballet Positions

3rd Grade: In the 3rd grade dance class we began learning about the genre of Ballet. We started learning the five positions of the feet and sautes (jumps).




4th Grade: 4th graders started a Modern unit this week. In order to hold true to the pioneers of Modern who threw off their Ballet backgrounds by dancing barefoot, we also started taking off our socks and shoes. We learned the difference between turned-out feet positions and parallel feet positions. We used Chris Cawthray’s “Move” album to inspire our movement and begin building our understanding of Modern skills vocabulary.

5-6th Grades: In the 5th and 6th grades we began our Jazz dance unit. We learned that although Jazz music shares roots with Jazz dance, we will use pop music in this unit to learn the Jazz dance vocabulary. Jazz arms were a lot of fun to test our mind-body connection and we started to build our footwork vocabulary with tendus and degages en croix.

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