What Is Your Child Learning In PE?

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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade:
In PE we have been discussing traveling around our playing area and finding our best open space. We then discussed traveling at different levels (high, medium, low) as well as different speeds (fast, medium, slow). Ask your child what animal travels at a fast speed?! What object can be found at a high level?!
3rd – 4th Grade
Our 3rd and 4th graders have been working on their throwing and catching skills using the cue words “READY, AIM, THROW”. Ask your child what was their favorite activity to participate in while demonstrating these skills – Battle Ship, Tic-Tac-Toe or Card Sharks?
5th – 6th Grade
The 5th and 6th graders have been showing off their skills in soccer working on dribbling, passing and kicking. They will be having an assessment next week to demonstrate these skills as well prove their knowledge through a multiple choice worksheet.
Dribbling Cue Words: head up. soft taps, ball close
Passing Cue Words: foot next to ball, pass with inside of foot
Essential Questions:
1. What part of your foot do you use for accurate PASSING? Inside

2. If you want to kick the ball very far and in the air what part of your foot do you use? Laces

3. What are the cue words for dribbling? Head up, soft taps, ball close

4. TRUE/FALSE: You are allowed to use BOTH feet when dribbling a soccer ball. TRUE

5. TRUE/FALSE: There is only ONE goalie in a soccer game. FALSE

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