Weekly Update for January 15, 2018

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Week of January 15, 2018

Here is some information about our week!

Math: Students have learned about number patterns as well as the difference between prime and composite numbers. Students also played math games that focused on multiples and factors.

Language Arts: Inference was the main topic in Language Arts this week. Students were able to use inferencing to guess what was happening in pictures as well as task cards. Students also learned the difference between inferencing and predictions.

Chicago History Project: Students started researching their topic! We spent time writing down websites that had good information and also talked about figuring out if a website was a good fit or not.

Classroom News:

Young Rembrandts: Students enjoyed a new art program this afternoon! We will have this class every Friday for an hour.

Reminder: Students were assigned the 2nd Quarter Home/School Connection project and brought home the project guideline sheet on Thursday, January 11. I think that they will have fun choosing their project and being creative while learning more about factors, multiples and patterns. This project is due on January 30, 2018. I have attached a copy of the requirements and rubric.

School News:

  1. Babysitting Night at Decatur!


  • Our 6th graders and some of our teachers are hosting a babysitting night! The Decatur Babysitting Night is a time for parents to go out on the town without their kids in tow! See a movie! Or just sit in silence in a dark room.
  • Drop off your school age children (K-5) from 6-9 pm on February 9th. There will be pizza, snacks, movies, and fun!
  • The cost is $30 per student, $20 for each additional sibling
  • All proceeds will go towards our 6th grade class trip
  • To learn more and to sign up, register at https://www.smore.com/hrk0b

Contact Chelsea Branch at clbranch@cps.edu if you have additional questions.

2) You have likely already heard about “Decatur-Con 2018,” Decatur’s primary fundraiser and parents-only party of the year! The question now is, are you aware of how easy it is to help show your support?

Parent support is vital to Decatur students’ success, and our annual Spring Gala offers some special opportunities to help them. Read on to find out more!

With only 3 months to go, we could use your help in getting community donations from your friends and loved ones with businesses around town, places you frequent, centers where your kiddos take lessons . . . you get the idea!

We also are looking for businesses to sponsor our event as well. The minimum sponsorship level is $300, which will allow for signage at the event, a shout-out on our donation page, etc.

Attached you’ll find a letter and donation form for any businesses you plan to solicit.  Please feel free to reach out to Tara or Voni, our Spring Gala Co-Chairs, with any questions.

Spring Gala Co-Chairs – Tara Kowalke 312.802.0257,  & Voni Rosbolt 612.481.4082


3) Northwestern Center for Talent Development Partnership:

Decatur Classical School is offering a unique learning opportunity for our students in grades 3 through 6. In collaboration with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development, the Accelerated Weekend Experience (AWE) program provides challenging, hands-on, in-depth exploration for those passionate about the subjects of technology and engineering.

The two-day AWE courses will be held at Decatur Classical School on March 3rd & 4th from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., both Saturday and Sunday. The two courses are:

To register for the AWE click here.

To view the flyer, click here.

3) If your child is enrolled in the JCC, please contact the JCC directly with any after-school questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Coleman


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