Weekly Newsletter November 27th- December 1st

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This week we started studying character traits. We learned that character traits are how characters feel on the inside. To
determine character traits we look at what characters say, think and do. This was our second week using our literacy center
folders and I was very impressed with how present and focused students were on their work.

We are almost done with Chapter 4. We practiced regrouping, writing number sentences , writing equations, and strategies to
add more than two numbers together. Our Chapter 4 math test will be Wednesday December 6th. Look for the chapter and
chapter review to be sent home on Monday.

This week we finished Unit 3 all about Animals. Next week we will start Unit 4 which is all about plants.

Social Studies
This week was all about Goods and Services. We learned how goods are items we can buy, while services are something
provided by another person. Toys are goods we can buy, and doctor’s provide a service.

Social Emotional Learning
This week Snail and Puppy helped us learn how we can tell how others are feeling based on their facial expression, body
language and the situation they are in.

– Don’t forget to check our school website for updates about what is going on at Decatur
– I visited Philip Roger’s Elementary School this week, and it was a great experience to meet with
other teachers who are using Balanced Literacy successfully in their rooms.

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