Weekly Newsletter January 22nd- 26th

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LITERACY: Focus Skill- Summary
This was our second practicing our summarizing skills. We practiced picking a summary that was just the right size (not too long, not too short), and composing our own summaries for nonfiction texts. We also learned about suffixes and how they change the meaning of a word.

MATH: We officially started Chapter 6 which explored breaking about 3 digit addends, and how to regroup in the ones and tens place.

SCIENCE: . Unit 6, we started to learn about the Earth’s resources. Any questions about our quarterly at home project see link below.

Social Studies: We will have our Chapter 2 social studies test Tuesday Jan. 30th. Look for the chapter review to go home today Friday the 26th.

SEL: We talked about how to identify our own feeling, and sometimes how we feel physically can be affected by our emotions. For example if you feel nervous your tummy might hurt. Telling a grown-up about your feelings can help you feel better.

Ideas for community donations for Decatur Con 2018? See link in e-mail for more information
For those enrolled in the JCC, please make sure to contact the JCC not the front office if needed
Please e-mail me with any questions about the Quarterly at home science project

– For more information about the Winter Show, and our partnership with Nothwestern Center for Talent Development visit our school website

Important Dates:
Jan. 29th- Quarterly at home science project is due

Jan. 30th – Social Studies Test

Jan. 31st- Feb. 1st Winter Show

Feb. 2nd NO School for Students
Feb. 9th – Babysitting night at Decatur click below for more info

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