Weekly Newsletter January 15th- 19th

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LITERACY: Focus Skill- Summary
This week students learned about what makes a good summary. It should include key words, and main ideas. Summarizing texts and stories help us better understand what we read. Students explored various nonfiction texts about Martin Luther King Jr. Next week we will continue to practice summarizing.

MATH: We finished chapter 5, which was all about 2-digit subtraction. Chapter 6 we will apply what we already know about addition and subtraction to three digit numbers.

SCIENCE: Chapter 5 was a short one! We learned about environments and food chains. Next up in chapter 6 we will explore Earth’s resources. Look in your child’s take home folder for information about our 2nd Quarter project.

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Ideas for community donations for Decatur Con 2018? See link in e-mail for more information

For those enrolled in the JCC, please make sure to contact the JCC not the front office if needed

A flyer went home today about our second quarter projects, please e-mail me with any questions

For more information about LSC election please visit the link below

Information about Winter Show ticket sales is coming soon. Please let me know ASAP if you are having any trouble with winter show costumes

Jan. 29th- Quarterly at home science project is due

Jan. 31st/ Feb. 1st Winter Show

Feb. 9th – Babysitting night at Decatur click below for more info

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