Weekly Music Class Update 12/11-12/15

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Homework: 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students have practicing or music homework regularly (although it does not take much time.) Please check google classroom for assignments. They are always announced in class.

A few members of recorder ensemble in action!

What did my child learn in music this week?

K – We explored emotions and music. We moved to classical music evocative of the winter season and identified our feelings while listening to music. We also are preparing a song called “Let’s Go Outside and Make Snowmen” for the winter show!

1st – This week we told a story with instruments “Snowmen at Night” and we spend time composing sol mi songs.

2nd – This week we practiced translating our solfege to the musical staff. We demonstrated our knowledge through composing music and singing it or playing it on instruments.

3rd – This week we practiced our instrument and singing parts of the song “Winter Walking” for our winter show! We began learning the note names on the staff as we will begin recorder in February!

4th – This week we began composing music for the recorder!

5th – Each class is working on winter show performances. It’s a secret… shhhh! Drums, Xylophone, and Singing can be heard through the walls of Decatur.

6th – For the past few weeks we have been focusing on how a composer creates music. Students are using chromebooks to input their compositions onto flat.io and they will be performing them over the next few weeks in class. Stay tuned to see all the wonderful compositions come to life!

Want to see Ms. Schmittle Perform? Check out the Chicago Chamber Choir’s concert this weekend! Sunday’s location is a spectacular place to see and hear beautiful organ playing. 


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