Week of November 21, 2017

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Week of November 21, 2017

It’s was a short week, but here are a few things that we worked on.

Math: Students took the Chapter 3 test today.

“Scholastic News” Magazine: We worked with this magazine in several different ways. We read an article about  uncovering artifacts from the pilgrims and worked on answering text dependent questions. Students worked on creating a debate of their own (see activity sheet that went home today).  Students were able to watch videos that went along with the articles on the classroom Ipads!

SEL: Students have continued to learn and discuss the topic of bullying.

School Announcements:

Thanksgiving Break: No school on Nov. 22-24.

Babysitting Night at Decatur!

  • Our 6th graders and some of our teachers are hosting a babysitting night. The Decatur Babysitting Night is a time for parents to go out on the town without their kids in tow!
  • Drop off your school age children (K-5) from 6-9 pm on December 1st. There will be pizza, snacks, movies, games and fun!  Childcare is provided on site at Decatur.
  • The cost is $30 per student, $20 for each additional sibling.
  • All proceeds will go towards our 6th grade class trip!
  • To learn more and to sign up, register here. Contact Chelsea Branch clbranch@cps.edu if you have additional questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Coleman


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