Week of December 18th, 2017

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5th Grade Humanities

Who doesn’t love ugly sweaters?  The students continued with some holiday fun working on assignments with the ugly sweater theme.  Students designed their own ugly sweaters and wrote a short persuasive piece about why their design was deserving of being called “The Ugliest Sweater”.  Students presented their work and voted on who had “The Ugliest Sweater”. 5th graders also had more fun working on figurative language with the ugly sweater theme, creating short little advertisements for sweaters using similes, metaphors, hyperboles and more!


6th Grade Humanities

The 6th graders love their ugly sweaters.  Students had some fun this week before leaving for the holiday break with the ugly sweater assignments.  They couldn’t wait to design their very own ugly sweaters and be dubbed “The Ugliest Sweater” after a class presentation and vote. Students also put together a little catalog of ugly sweater advertisements for an imaginary sweater shop by using fun bits of figurative language.  I think the students have helped me find a new tradition of holiday lessons that I can use for future classes!


Upcoming Reminders:

Generally for 5th-6th grade Humanities, assignments for the week will be given every Wednesday and due the following Wednesday.  Those days may be subject to change, but any changes will be announced with ample notice.


5th Grade Deadlines:

  • Have a wonderful winter break, see you in January!

6th Grade Deadlines:

  • Have a wonderful winter break, see you in January!

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