Week of December 11th, 2017

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5th Grade Humanities

This week the 5th grade reviewed a couple of versions of the spiritual and freedom song, “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”. Students reviewed the lyrics and analyzed how the repetition in the lyrics emphasized a specific message and how that worked in the context of our novel study.  Students continued to review and analyze articles outlining voting rights throughout U.S. history. While the field trip at the end of the week was unfortunately cancelled, the students were highly engaged in an UGLY SWEATER activity for the main character of our novel Stella.  Students were excited to design and explain the symbolism of their ugly sweater.  d to reference your Weekly Assignment List.

Enjoy the pictures from the activity!

6th Grade Humanities

The 6th graders began their History Fair Topic Proposals this week, researching and narrowing down potential topics that connected to this year’s theme of Conflict & Compromise. Students also continued to work on the development of a strong thesis statement and introduction for their Holocaust and Human Behavior Essay.  The 6th grade also reviewed an article that discussed the aftermath of the Holocaust and how the Holocaust changed perceptions about accountability and responsibility in contemporary times. The 6th grade received a little reprieve from the seriousness of the work at the end of this week as they too were able to design an ugly sweater for a favorite character.


Upcoming Reminders:

Generally for 5th-6th grade Humanities, assignments for the week will be given every Wednesday and due the following Wednesday.  Those days may be subject to change, but any changes will be announced with ample notice.


5th Grade Deadlines:

  • “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around” Part 1 & 2, Poll Taxes Graphic Organizer, Greek & Latin Roots, Stella’s Ugly Sweater Design DUE Wednesday, Dec. 20th, 2017

6th Grade Deadlines:

  • History Fair Topic Proposal, Thesis Statement & Intro DRAFT, Aftermath Circle Web and Context Clues DUE Wednesday, Dec. 20th, 2017


Continue to log into Google Classroom for any updates to due dates and assignments.

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