Week of 1/29

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NOTE: Problem of the Month is interactive for this unit and requires playing a game.  Therefore, we will have it as a station in class.  However, if you’d like to print it at home and continue with your student, you may do so with the document on Google Classroom and process the strategies and thinking with your student at home.


Due to the show and scheduling difficulties, Emotion Log work will be done this week in 4th-6th Math classes.  Lots of class time will be dedicated to this, in addition to some other activities.

The goal here is for them to reflect on their emotions, quantify them in order to analyze them mathematically, and in the process learn various skills used for displaying data in spreadsheets.

6th grade students are working on the stage crew and will have a different timeline, but students in the classroom this week should be able to complete the assignments listed below by Friday.

4th and 5th grade students will be expected to complete (by Friday):

  1. Minimum of 40 entries in their Emotion Log (total, all together from the beginning of the year — minimum of 2 logs which are ~20-24 entries per log…FYI some students have over 60-70 entries up to this point)
  2. Analysis #2 (see Google Classroom reference sheets #1 and #2)
  3. Minimum 2 graphs based on the data collected (1 for each category in their analysis, and 1 they will have a choice for) –> see directions sheet on Google Classroom.

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