Room 102 News – 12/22/17

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It’s hard to believe that this year is coming to a close. It has been a FANTASTIC 2017 in 2nd grade!

Here are a few highlights from our last week of 2017 together.

  • Reading – This week the students paired the story last week about a boy lost in a blizzard with some non-fiction texts all about blizzards and avalanches. The class learned new things about blizzards including what characteristics make up a blizzard and how people survive and avalanche. The students used these texts to work on identifying text features, identifying important facts in the text, asking thick questions, identifying author’s purpose of a text.
  • Math – In math, the students worked all week on a math project where they were the architects in charge of creating a new Winter Wonderland for the people of Snowflake Valley. Each student had to use arrays with rows and columns to create this wonderland which was a great practice of all the multiplication we have been learning.  Then they created a guide explaining the multiplication behind each array and properties that were associated with each structure. These turned out great and we will put the finishing touches on these after Winter Break. Also, after the break we will be starting Chapter 6 – Understand Division.
  • Writing/Grammar – Second graders continued working on contractions and discussed making sure the apostrophe goes where missing letters would go when forming them. The class also worked on making posters for on how to calm down when having an uncomfortable feeling. These posters turned out AMAZING and we will be sharing them with the Essentials teachers to hang up in their classes.
  • Science – In science this week the students completed Unit 4 which is All About Plants and took the test on Wednesday, December 20th. When we come back to school in January, we will start Unit 5 – Environments for living things. Also, look for the 2nd quarter home/school project which is science based to come home with your child on Monday, January 8th, 2018.
  • Social Studies – This week the class continued discussing the United States government by learning more about the Executive Branch which includes the President, Vice President, and Cabinet Members. The class talked about their roles and responsibilities, and why they are an important part of our government.

Important Reminders

  • Please check out the attached flyers afterschool options for the second half of the year that start in February.
  • Check out for more math and science materials and extras!
  • Look at the Decatur Classical website for updates in dance, latin, music, and physical eduction.
  • Please email me and Mr. Murray by 1:30 for any changes in dismissal. Thanks!
  • Dismissal is at 2:45 for students getting picked up.
    • All parents picking up their child(ren) must park in the neighborhood of the school. Please give yourself some time to park, walk, and meet your child on the playground by 2:45pm.

Wishing all a very relaxing and happy break!

Miss Cole

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