Room 102 News – 1/12/18

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Happy 2018! It was great seeing all the second graders smiling faces back in the classroom.

Here are a few highlights from our first week of 2018 together.

  • Reading – This week the students read a fiction story titles “How Bad Could It Be?” about a seemingly harmless prank that gets a classmate hurt. First, the students worked on marking their text while reading so they are ready to discuss the story with their fellow small group members. Then, students were able to have reflective discussions about being kind to those who are different and what it feels like to be pranked or teased. This tied in with our Second Step curriculum that we have been working on all year and really made all the students think. The students used the text to work on how characters change throughout the text, drawing conclusions, making inferences, and answering text dependent questions with text evidence.
  • Math – In math, we started Chapter 6 – Understand Division. This week the lessons focused on using equal groups to help us find the answer to the divisions problems. Drawing a picture or using manipulatives is a great way to make sure that students are getting the correct answer and understanding this concept. The class also talked about important vocabulary with division including dividend, divisor, and quotient. Next week, we will continue to explore and work on understanding division.
  • Writing/Grammar – Second graders worked on a “Welcome Back” writing project which had them thinking about school, their winter break, and goals for the new year. We will use this to write goals next week for 2018 and the remainder of out second grade school year. In grammar, the students started working on verbs. We discussed action verbs and understanding subject-verb agreement. If your child needs help with grammar subjects, Khan Academy has great videos and practice for free on-line under Grammar.
  • Science – In science this week, we started Unit 5 – Environments for Living Things. Lesson 1 in our new unit was all about how animals and plants depend on each other. Next week, we will talk about how living things adapt to their environment. Also, the 2nd quarter home/school project, “Design A Bug”, was sent home with your child on Monday, January 8th, 2018. This project is due at school on January 29th. If you did not get the description of this project please let me know and I can send another one home with your child. Thanks!
  • Social Studies – This week the class reviewed the ideas behind the 3 branches of government and how it was design to keep a balance of power. We also discussed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and he is an important part of our history. We then used his famous “I Have a Dream” speech to work with primary sources.

Important Reminders

  • Check out for more math and science materials and extras!
  • Look at the Decatur Classical website for updates in dance, latin, music, and physical eduction.
  • Please email me and Mr. Murray by 1:30 for any changes in dismissal. Thanks!
  • Dismissal is at 2:45 for students getting picked up. Please give yourself some time to park, walk, and meet your child on the playground by 2:45pm.

Have a great 3 day weekend!

Miss Cole

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