Quid novi?

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Quid Novi? What’s New?


This week kindergarten continued exploring different versions of the Midas story! One word we focused on was aurum (gold.) We also practiced our other key words: salve (hello!), vale (goodbye!), mater (mother), pater (father), soror (sister), frater (brother).

First Grade

In first grade we continued reading and speaking about Olympian gods and goddesses!

Ask your child: Quis est Iuppiter? Quis est Iuno? Quis est Volcanus? Quis est Venus? Quis est Cupidus? Quis est Mars? and Quis est Neptunus?

Answers: Iuppiter est rex deorum. Iuno est regina deorum. Volcanus est deus ignis. Venus est dea amoris. Cupidus est deus amoris. Mars est deus belli. Neptunus est deus maris.

We also began reviewing Roman numerals by playing a funny game called Poke the Porcus and decorating a picture of a clock with Roman numerals.

Second Grade

In second grade we read a beautifully illustrated book called Brave Cloelia, a true story about a young girl in ancient Rome who negotiated the release of Roman hostages from the Etruscans.  We also discussed various foods the Romans ate (and did not eat!) and read about a Roman banquet.

Third Grade

Third graders continued discussing parts of speech in English and watching Grammar Rock. Still more Grammar Rock episodes will follow in the upcoming weeks!

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders started studying chapter 4 vocabulary words this week. There are many words in this chapter, so we will continue to work on these words next week and prepare for a quiz on parts of speech and meanings the week of October 16.

Fourth graders pantomime the fact that nouns can do ONE thing at a time!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade continued exploring noun paradigms this week. We will create a card game and look at some Quizlet.com practices next week (spoiler: you can find one of the practices at https://quizlet.com/_t0mbc) before taking our first quiz on this topic on October 20. As with all grammar-based quizzes, any student dissatisfied with a low score will be encouraged to schedule a consultation and a retake!

There are still spots open in the DJCL (Decatur Junior Classical League) for 5th and 6th grade students! Click here for a registration form.

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade completed their final vocabulary review quiz and began discussing the topic of ablative nouns! We have also started discussing Certamen. Many students are excited to join our Latin team, whether to compete, to enjoy school-day practices, or just to support their classmates!

There are still spots open in the DJCL (Decatur Junior Classical League) for 5th and 6th grade students! Click here for a registration form.

The New Latin Room

The Bibliothecula Latina is open! Stop by and borrow a book!


Thanks to Septima et familia (Room 105) for donating Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes! Both books are beautifully illustrated, engaging, and very funny! There are also several copies of each now available for students to check out! Come by and check out a book this week!  Want to donate a book to the Bibliothecula? There’s a wishlist right here: Magistra’s Bibliothecula Latina Wishlist.








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