Quid novi?

Quid Novi? What’s New?


We continued learning the Pledge of Allegiance and the Song of America in Latin! Ask your child to demonstrate! This week we read Ubi Fera Sunt (that’s Where the Wild Things Are in Latin!) and a mixed up version of the Midas story.

A few key words: salve (hello!), vale (goodbye!), mater (mother), pater (father), soror (sister), frater (brother).

First Grade

We have been reading about some Olympian gods and goddesses! We practiced answering questions in Latin about them, as well!

Ask your child: Quis est Iuppiter? Quis est Iuno? Quis est Volcanus? and Quis est Venus?

Answers: Iuppiter est rex deorum. Iuno est regina deorum. Volcanus est deus ignis. Venus est dea amoris.

Second Grade

This week we shared our new cognomina, the third Latin name that an authentic ancient Roman would have! I was so excited to hear the names students chose for themselves! We also finished reading The Story of Rome and practiced some words for different foods in Latin. Ask your child about some of the wild Roman emperors we discussed!



Third Grade

Third graders conquered their first Latin quiz this week! Congratulations on reaching that milestone!  We also started discussing parts of speech in English and watching some Grammar Rock. More Grammar Rock episodes will follow in the upcoming weeks!

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders took their first review vocabulary quiz this week and launched into a grammar review. Some lucky students also visited the Bibliothecula Latina, now open! If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, please do! We have lots of new wonderful books!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade encountered a brand new area of study this week: paradigms. I warned them that they have never seen anything like this in English, because English does not change word endings to determine meaning. We will be reviewing and relearning this topic many times throughout the year, so students should not worry if they feel a little confused. It’s natural with a novel concept like this! Fifth grade is also preparing for a Chapter 7 vocabulary quiz on Tuesday.

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade completed their paradigm review quiz and launched straight into preparing for a second vocabulary review quiz. Once all of this review is out of the way, we are excited to delve into the intricacies of Chapter 12! Sixth grade will take a review vocabulary quiz on chapters 6 through 11 on Tuesday and then begin exploring the topic of ablative nouns!



The New Latin Room

The Bibliothecula Latina is now open! Stop by and borrow a book!


Thanks to Cornelia et familia (Room 105) for donating Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods! It’s a fabulous book–beautifully illustrated, engaging, and very funny! We also have some new volumes, including the latest in the Beasts of Olympus saga! Want to donate a book to the Bibliothecula? There’s a wishlist right here: Magistra’s Bibliothecula Latina Wishlist.








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