Ms. Garlock’s Weekly Newsletter 11/27-12/1

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MISS GARLOCK         11/27-12/1
Brrr! It’s December! Please make sure your child is coming to school with appropriate winter gear.


Thank you!

MATH: We continued chapter 4. We learned about the associative property, patterns on the multiplication table, problem solving, and how to multiply with 8 and 9.
READING & LANGUAGE ARTS: We started a novel called The Chocolate Touch, which we worked on in centers. We practiced skills such as sequencing, cause and effect, and vocab. We also learned about pronouns (singular, plural, possessive) in Grammar.
SCIENCE: We played a review game on Wednesday before taking the chapter 3 test on Thursday!
SOCIAL STUDIES: We read a scholastic news story about secret codes that were used by members of the Navajo in World War II. Also, we started to learn about our government.

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