Mid October

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K – 2

Kindergarten through 2nd grade are practicing to throw and catch by reminding themselves to “Ready, Aim, Throw” and getting into the ready position, tracking the ball with their eyes and bringing it into their body to catch.

Ask your child what their favorite throwing activity has been thus far!

  1. Ready Aim Throw at Mrs. Qureshi
  2. Clean Out the Backyard
  3. Throwing and Catching With a Partner


3rd & 4th Grade

They have been working to find solutions to problems. They’re learning to work together to articulate their ideas and decide on a strategy to implement.

Ask your child what their favorite collaborative activity has been thus far!

  1. King Kong’s Sky Scraper
  2. Driving the Car
  3. Radioactive River


5th & 6th Grade

In their football unit students have learned how to carry, throw and run routes. They have also taken on roles of different position such as the coach, quarterback and wide receiver. Lastly, they were given the opportunity to try on flag belts and play a modified game.

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