January 22-26

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Babysitting Night at Decatur!

Our 6th graders and some of our teachers are hosting a babysitting night! The Decatur Babysitting Night is a time for parents to go out on the town without their kids in tow! See a movie! Or just sit in silence in a dark room.

Drop off your school age children (K-5) from 6-9 pm on February 9th. There will be pizza, snacks, movies, and fun!
The cost is $30 per student, $20 for each additional sibling
All proceeds will go towards our 6th grade class trip
To learn more and to sign up, register at https://www.smore.com/hrk0b
Contact Chelsea Branch at clbranch@cps.edu if you have additional questions.
Partnership with Northwestern Center for Talent Development
​Please visit our website for more information. 
  • Decatur Parent University: We are offering FREE presentations for families each month. Child care will be provided. Please consider attending some or all. Decatur Parent University will provide parents the opportunity to learn from experts in different areas important to our school community.

Presentation: Standards, Assessments and Accountability: Chicago and Beyond

Arts@Decatur Winter Show Ticket Information click here for more information

JCC Families   If your child attends the JCC after school program, please do not contact the school office, instead, contact the JCC directly for any JCC related things.

Decatur Fundraiser:

You have likely already heard about “Decatur-Con 2018,” Decatur’s primary fundraiser and parents-only party of the year! The question now is, are you aware of how easy it is to help show your support​? See the ​website for more information​

  • A few things we’ve been up to…..
  • ​Fantastic! The children did such a nice job on their projects and presentations. It was delightful to learn a little bit more about the students and the paper dolls were adorable!
  • ​In reading, the children identified the characters and settings in a variety of stories and continued to work on sequencing events. Our word work this week focused on qu-and wh-words. Please continue to use Spelling City to review the words of the week.
  • ​Proper Pete and common cat are helping the children tell the difference between a proper and common noun. The children have been busy adding their own common and proper nouns to our chart! ​
  • ​In writing, the children finished their “How to Make Hot Cocoa” rough drafts and will finish their final product next week! 
  • ​In math, we are wrapping up chapter 5 and will have a test next Tuesday. The chapter 5 review was send home today. Please have your child complete it. I have attached the answer key for your convenience. This is great practice as we move into the third quarter and get closer to first grade. Please continue to review the math coming home and explore Think​C​entral
    ​ ​for more resources.​
  • Have fun practicing math facts and improving fluency. Go over basic addition and subtraction facts in the car, while you’re waiting in line, etc. See how many correct you can get before you get to your destination or have to check out. Start simple, like 1+1 and get progressively harder. Have fun with it!
  • ​In science, we finished up plant and animal habitats and took a test.​
  • In Second Step, we explored how to manage​​​​ waiting. We continued to practice the calm down steps and learned the Calm Down Song with movements! We also sat in a circle and share​d​ about a time when ​it was hard to wait. The children did a very nice job waiting for their turn and listening respectfully. ​
  • Don’t forget to check out your child’s Essentials teachers’ weekly updates!

    Have a great weekend!

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