January 16-19

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Hello and happy Friday. There are a lot of announcement this week!


LSC Election Letter  see attachment in weekly email.

Partnership with Northwestern Center for Talent Development

Have you heard about Decatur’s new Partnership with Northwestern Center for Talent Development?  See details here from last week’s announcement.
JCC Families
If your child attends the JCC after school program, please do not contact the school office, instead contact the JCC directly for any JCC related things.

Babysitting Night at Decatur!

Our 6th graders and some of our teachers are hosting a babysitting night! The Decatur Babysitting Night is a time for parents to go out on the town without their kids in tow! See a movie! Or just sit in silence in a dark room. 

Drop off your school age children (K-5) from 6-9 pm on February 9th. There will be pizza, snacks, movies, and fun!
The cost is $30 per student, $20 for each additional sibling
All proceeds will go towards our 6th grade class trip
To learn more and to sign up, register at https://www.smore.com/hrk0b
Contact Chelsea Branch at clbranch@cps.edu if you have additional questions.
Decatur Fundraiser:

You have likely already heard about “Decatur-Con 2018,” Decatur’s primary fundraiser and parents-only party of the year! The question now is, are you aware of how easy it is to help show your support? 

Parent support is vital to Decatur students’ success, and our annual Spring Gala offers some special opportunities to help them. Read on to find out more!

* * *

With only 3 months to go, we could use your help in getting community donations from your friends and loved ones with businesses around town, places you frequent, centers where your kiddos take lessons . . . you get the idea!  

We also are looking for businesses to sponsor our event as well. The minimum sponsorship level is $300, which will allow for signage at the event, a shout-out on our donation page, etc. 
Spring Gala Co-Chairs – Tara Kowalke 312.802.0257,  & Voni Rosbolt 612.481.4082
Second Quarter Projects are due January 22. Turn it in when it’s ready. Have fun with it.
Save the Date: Winter Show is January 31 and February 1. More information about tickets coming soon.
A few things we’ve been up to…..

In reading, we continued to sequence the events in a story. We also worked on r-controlled vowels with -ar words. Please continue to use Spelling City to review the words of the week. We added to our proper nouns list with the names of holidays and we worked on adding -ing, -ed, and -s to verbs and using them correctly in a sentence. 

​We continued to work on our “How to” ​writing, this time writing about how to brush our teeth.

In math, chapter 5 is going well. The children are getting better at identifying and using related facts. ​Please continue to review the math coming home and explore Think​C​entral for more resources. 

In science, we continued to focus on how plants and animals need each other. We also looked at our seeds. We noticed what happened to the seeds when they didn’t get enough water and air. Ask you child about it!

In social studies, we explored why people work and the difference between wants and needs.
In Second Step, we talked about managing strong feelings. We practiced the steps to calm down. 

1. Stop and use your signal

2. Name your feeling

3. Calm down by taking belly breaths

Finally, today the kindergartners had their first Young Rembrandt’s class. For the next ten weeks the children will have the opportunity to create amazing art with the Young Rembrandt’s visual arts program.
Have a great weekend!

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