Expansion Committee

What is the Expansion Committee?

Decatur’s current building was originally designed as a primary grade school for K-2, built with expansion in mind. But more than 30 years later, it now has nearly 300 K-6th graders in the very same building. It has space limitations, and it also does not extend to 7th and 8th grade. This committee’s purpose is to address these multiple unique challenges, and ensure that Decatur students have the opportunity to continue their Classical education at their current pace through 8th grade.

The 2016-17 current Expansion Committee members are:

  • Ms. Kukielka – Principal
  • Mrs. Jockl – Asst. Principal
  • Tim McCaffrey – Committee Chair
  • Jed Silberg – Committee Vice-Chair
  • Lora Branch
  • Jill Corcoran
  • Steve Fix
  • Vicki Giambrone
  • Helen Lee
  • Reggie Newton
  • Stephanie Saltouros
  • Mikal Sutherlin

Expansion Meeting Minutes

Fall Expansion Committee Update

On August 16, Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th Ward announced his proposal to relocate the Decatur Classical School into the Eugene Field Elementary…   Read More

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Summer Expansion Committee Update

During the course of the past year, the LSC and Expansion Committee worked hard to expand the Decatur Classical School to 7th and 8th…   Read More

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