Curriculum and Instruction



Teachers use the Common Core Standards to engage students in high quality accelerated instruction that enriches and supports the comprehensive development of all students.

Students read a variety of quality literary and informational text for for both understanding and enjoyment. Our teachers in 4th-6th implement a novel based curriculum that encourages analysis, critical thinking, and application of literary tools.  

Teachers use fluid groups and other instructional practices including workshop, guided reading, Daily 5 literacy approach, novel studies, small group and whole group instruction. Students work within this model to improve reading proficiency and comprehension, fluency, accuracy and vocabulary skills.




Decatur Classical’s mathematics program provides many different tools and strategies to developing students into confident mathematicians.  Our mathematics curricula are Go Math!  in grades K-4th and Engage New York in grades 5-6th.  We use a workshop model approach to  foster a deep understanding of the relationships between mathematical concepts and real world situations.  Teachers use data to provide students with meaningful feedback to focus on strategies and justification for math rather than explicit procedures.  



Teachers use the CPS Science Instructional Framework, which includes ScienceFusion and the Full Option Science System (FOSS) Curriculum.  Both are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Teachers strive to engage students in exciting, investigation-based learning where students have the chance to explore through hands on learning.

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