3rd Grade – 2017-2018 (Room 105)

Mrs. Coleman – Decatur Classical School


Amanda Coleman is a highly-qualified teacher who has been teaching at Decatur for 11 years. Mrs. Coleman received her masters in education from DePaul University. She enjoys working with all students and has fun creating engaging lessons that make school fun.  When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Classroom Expectations & Policies:

I’m very excited to be your child’s third grade teacher and look forward to working with both you and your child this school year. Please feel free to call or e-mail me or send a note to school if you have any questions or concerns. . I look forward to a wonderful year!


I expect students to accept the challenge of learning new concepts this year. This will require them to learn from their mistakes and persevere through difficult topics. I expect that all students will be present, endure challenges, and help each other in order to create the best learning environment for all students.


I will send out a weekly email to you with the highlights from the week and any notices of upcoming tests or project due dates. This information will also be posted on my blog on the Decatur Classical website – http:www.decaturclassical.org.  I am available for any questions or concerns via email. Please allow 48 hours during the week to reply to your emails.


  • Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies
    • Classwork = 50%
    • Assessments = 50%
  • Writing Categories
    • Conventions (Spelling & Grammar) = 30%
    • Writing Process (Edit, Revise, Brainstorming) = 30%
    • Final Writing Product = 40%


  • Please sign and return your child’s tests. I will make sure that all tests have a stamp indicating if they need to be signed and returned.
  • Students that receive a 69% or lower on an assessment or classwork will retake the assessment and the highest score will be put into Gradebook.
  • 60% will be the lowest grade entered into Gradebook for any assessment as long as a student has completed the assignment. 50% will be the lowest grade given if no work was completed.

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Room 105 Weekly Update 9/15/17

Welcome to Decatur Classical School! I’m very excited to be your child’s teacher this year!

Third Grade is off to a wonderful start!! We have been very busy getting used to and enjoying all of the changes that have taken place at Decatur.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities we have worked on this week.

 Language Arts: We started reading “Because of Winn Dixie”. Students have enjoyed learning more about the main character and her motivations so far in the story. I have many exciting activities planned to go with this novel study in the weeks ahead.

 Math: In Math we have worked on several lessons in Chapter 1 in “Go Math”. We have been working as a whole class and small groups to go over the concepts such as writing numbers in standard, expanded, and written form; rounding numbers; and renaming numbers. We have also played a few games to reinforce the skills we are working with! Math is fun!

 Science: In science we are learning about observation, tools, data and graphs, and inference. Students enjoyed spending time outside making observations of the playground. They also had fun completing an activity, recording the data in a data table and then creating their own bar and line graphs.

 Social Studies: In Social Studies we are discussing community. The students all have a wonderful pride in all of the many communities that they are from.

 I look forward to seeing you on Monday evening for Curriculum Night where I plan on sharing much more about our school year.

 Conversation Starters:

  • Why is it important for scientists to communicate their results?
  • How can you rename the number 1,200?
  • What are intermediate directions?
  • What are the connections that they can make while reading a text? (text to text, text to self, text to world)

 Important Reminders:

  • Jogathon is scheduled for October 18th.
  • We are going to start organizing room parents for this year.  We will have one room parent per classroom in order to simplify communication.  If parents are interested, they should email decaturvolunteer@gmail.com and include the grade level and classroom number they would like to help in.  
  • Required office forms: Make sure to complete the following forms. They can be found on-line at www.decaturclassical.org
    • Emergency Contact Form, Family Income Form, “New” Digital Emergency Contact Form (one per household), Media Consent Form
    • You can send the forms with your child or you can email them back tommregalado@cps.edu

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Coleman


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