2nd Grade – 2017-2018 (Room 103)

Ms. Garlock- Decatur Classical School


This is Miss Garlock’s first year teaching. She graduated from the University of Iowa in December 2016 after student teaching Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Since then, she moved back home to Chicago and became a substitute teacher before joining the Decatur team. Miss Garlock enjoys exploring Chicago, trying new restaurants, baking, and being outside. Miss Garlock loves working with children and is very excited to be a part of the Decatur community!


Students are expected to be ready to learn about new and exciting topics throughout the school year. It is important that students come to school with a positive mindset in order to foster and encourage their learning and overall experience at school. Students are expected to practice respect in the classroom among their peers and teachers. I encourage students to put in 100% effort, persevere through challenges, and ask for help whenever necessary.


I will send out a weekly email to you with a glimpse into what we learned that week, upcoming dates, important reminders, and whatever else may be necessary. This information will also be posted on my website weekly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I will respond to an email within 48 hours, but usually much faster.


All assignments will completed in class, and there will not be homework in 2nd grade. Class time will involve reading, writing, worksheets, videos & technology, and plenty of hands on learning experiences! Students will learn by first being introduced to a topic through either a whole group or small group setting, and then have the chance to practice the newly learned skill and demonstrate their understanding of it. All completed work will be checked by the teacher for either completion or accuracy before being sent home in daily take-home folders.


Students will be assessed through worksheets, writing pieces, tests, etc. Students who receive a 69% or lower will have the opportunity to redo an assignment, and the highest grade will be recorded.

Weekly Updates & Links:

Weekly Newsletter: September 15th


This week in math, we learned about:

-The commutative, identity, and associative property of addition, rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, estimating sums, mental math strategies for addition.

*We are completing a mini lesson on math every morning, which introduces the topic, and doing math groups in the afternoon in order to help deepen our understanding of the newly learned skill.

This week in reading and Language Arts:

-We learned about adjectives! We discussed what they are and how they can be used to support sentences. Each student brainstormed a list. We wrote a rough & final draft for a paper called “10 Things About ME.” We learned about each other, practiced editing, and practiced our adjective use within this. Our class also read Freckle Juice together. We all loved it! Throughout the story, students learned about character traits, how to make predictions, and how to answer text dependent questions. We also practiced our read aloud and listening skills!

This week in Science:

-We learned about inquiry skills and how they can be used during observations. We completed several activities in our science book about this. We went outside to view objects with a hand lens and then answered questions about what we observed.

In Social Studies:

-We learned about the constitution by watching a video as a class. Then, we learned about the three different branches in the government and answered related questions.

Ms. Garlock Weekly Newsletter: 10/10-10/13

Fire Safety   REMINDERS  Mr. Parker, a classmate’s father& firefighter, came to our school to talk to all students about fire safety on Thursday….   Read More

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Miss Garlock 10/2-10/6

REMINDERS Jog-a-thon is on October 18th   **If you want to opt your child out of the event please send back the opt out…   Read More

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