5th-6th Grade – Humanities (Room 110)

Ms. Sharping – Junior Middle School


Ms. Sharping is a highly-qualified teacher with over 13 years of experience and middle school teaching endorsements in reading, math, science, and social studies. As a product of the Chicago Public School system, Ms. Sharping is dedicated to public school education and arts integration. Ms. Sharping graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Elementary Education. She earned her masters from the American College of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Her favorite way to teach humanities is through discussion, small group activities and projects. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing tennis.

Classroom Expectations & Policies:
Room 110 – Ms. Sharping – 5th & 6th Grade Humanities

Welcome! I am very excited to be your child’s Humanities teacher this year. The Junior Middle School Humanities program aims to help students make sense of the world in the context of literature and history. Students will travel through the lives of others in order to understand their own experiences and perspectives more deeply.


I expect students to accept the challenge of exploring relationships and perspectives, analyzing history and research, and understanding the power of change through a rich selection of novels. This will require them to engage in thoughtful, critical discussion and reflect on complex topics. I expect students to actively participate in class activities to not only enrich their own understanding of our topics of study, but that of their peers as well.  I expect parents to help their child by modeling respectful discourse and encouraging the student to be proactive in their learning by voicing concerns directly to me. Students may seek additional help before or after school.


I will send out a weekly email to you with the highlights from the week and any notices of upcoming tests or project due dates. This information will also be posted on my blog on the Decatur website – http://decaturclassical.org/classroom-programs/intermediate-grades-4-6/5th-6thgrade-humanities/ 

I am available for any questions or concerns via email. Please allow 48 hours during the week to reply to your emails.


Classwork (40%):

All assignments will be posted on your child’s Google Classroom account. Weekly assignments are due each Monday. Students will be given independent work time to complete weekly assignments in the classroom, but students will be encouraged to review and revise their work at home. Students will be given suggested pacing guides to help them manage their assignments. No late work will be accepted. Assignments will include annotating novels/companion texts, writing a constructed response/essay, preparation for literature discussions, and projects related to a unit. In literature and history, perspective and context are important in building understanding, so as long as we communicate and cooperate, we can find a way to meet your child’s needs.

Assessments (60%):

Students will be assessed through exit slips, constructed responses/essays, quizzes, and tests. Projects and discussion posts may also be used as assessments depending on when they are assigned in each unit. Students who earn a D or F on an assessment may retake it 1 week from the original date. Students who wish to retake must have a parent or guardian sign the original assessment and must notify me at least 3 days before the retake date.

Weekly Updates & Links:

Week of October 9th, 2017

5th Grade Humanities This week 5th grade began their first novel study for the year, Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. Draper.  Students LOVED…   Read More

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Week of October 2nd, 2017

5th Grade Humanities This week we launched a short unit on the story “Charles” by Shirley Jackson on GOOGLE CLASSROOM! Students have been excitedly…   Read More

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Week of September 25th, 2017

5th Grade Humanities The 5th grade has been wrapping up with our Identity Unit.  Students discussed and analyzed the ideas of “We” and “They”…   Read More

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Week of September 18th, 2017

5th Grade Humanities The 5th grade has continued to work on our Identity Unit.  Students analyzed a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar, “We Wear…   Read More

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Jog-a-thon Schedule

The Jog-a-thon is on Wednesday, October 17 and we hope parents will join us to cheer on their student! There is also still time…   Read More

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Decatur Cross Country Begins Season

Decatur Cross Country Begins Season By Brady Leonard On Wednesday Sept. 27th, Decatur’s Cross Country team participated in its first meet of the season….   Read More

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5th & 6th Grade Humanities, September 11th, 2017

5th grade students have been working very hard on the Identity unit we began this week.  Students have reflected on various aspects of identity through a series of readings. The readings and discussions have encouraged students to be introspective of their own identity.  It has sparked great discussion and students have shown great creativity on assignments connected to this week’s theme.

6th grade students began a unit on Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day”.  Students have worked hard on various activities that have focused on characterization and an author’s intention in writing a story with an unresolved ending.  The 6th graders have given great insights into this unit of study and I anticipate more great things as we continue with this unit into next week!

School has gotten off to a great start! Looking forward to more great weeks ahead!

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