4th – 6th Grade Math (Room 109)

Mr. Brennan


Mr. Brennan is a highly-qualified teacher with 8 years of experience teaching middle school.  He has a middle school teaching endorsement in Math, Language Arts and Social Studies; including an Algebra Certificate (Dec ’17).  He is dedicated to public school education and teaching Math holistically.  Mr. Brennan graduated from Xavier University as a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with 3 minors.  He then taught as a volunteer teacher for 3 years at a small Catholic school in Michigan, continuing on to earn his Masters in Teaching from the University of Chicago.  His favorite way to teach math is through problem-solving, small group lessons, math stations, and projects.  When he is not teaching, he enjoys doing things with friends and family, and playing sports.

Weekly Updates & Links:

Week of 9/11/17:

This 2nd week back at school is called the “Week of Inspiration,” where we look at different aspects of math, and focus on how we learn math, what’s important and what’s not, and how cool it is!  The activities are designed to be open-ended and engaging, allowing for many people to begin “doing” math and feeling successful.  There are no real assessments to worry about for this week.


Test Post

Test Post

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Week of Oct 2

  ALL CLASSES: -Emotion Log Entries (min 5x/wk) (Dont forget to keep track of sleep!!) -Graph of the Week (Due Oct 6 – submitted…   Read More

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Continuous Assignments

DAILY ASSIGNMENTS: Emotion Logs Students should have a minimum of 5 entries per week (the more the merrier) (they can have multiple entries in a day,…   Read More

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