Chief Education Officer Visits Decatur!

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Chief Education Officer Visits Decatur!

By Josh Lee, Charlie Duggan and the Dolphin Press Staff

Janice Jackson, the Chief Education Officer of CPS, visited our school earlier this month. She took a tour and listened to students talk about the good things happening at Decatur, like the Chromebooks, the lunchroom cafeteria, and gym every day, but the students explained that the school still is in need of a 7th and 8th grade. Dr. Jackson said that she would talk to the mayor about possible expansion.

For the tour, Dr. Jackson was led around by Ms. Luna and Ms. Branch, and by several 4th and 5th graders.  During the tour, Dr. Jackson praised the new laptop computers and said that students should have access to technology in the classroom.  She also said that having laptop computers rather than big, blocky computers allowed for more space for art.

After the tour, several 6th graders met with Dr. Jackson in the office and talked about all the good things at the school, how it had improved, and how it still can improve. “Our point was that a lot of good things are happening at Decatur, but we still need a 7th and 8th grade,” Jacob Hansen, one of the 6th graders in the “panel” said in an interview.

The 6th graders also said that it was easy to talk to Dr. Jackson and that she was relatable.  “Talking to her made me feel like I was important and not just a loner,” said Charlie Figueroa, another 6th grader in the panel.

After the visit, Ms. Luna thanked Dr. Jackson on social media for visiting.  “As a new principal, I loved that she picked up on our dynamic instruction!”  Ms. Jackson replied on social media, “It’s clear that Decatur students are empowered and take ownership of their school community.  Thank you for the tour.”

Many of the kids also thought the visit was a success, and an overall good experience.

“The visit was a clear success, and it got us one step closer to expansion,” summarized Charlie Duggan, one of the students who did the tour.

Dr. Jackson has been Chief Education Officer for Chicago Public Schools since 2015.  As Chief Education Officer, she leads 660 schools in 13 networks across Chicago.

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