Assignments and Updates for the week of January 8th

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Assignments for week of Jan. 8 – Jan. 12, 2017

*this is what I plan to cover but I may make adjustments periodically according to the needs of the students.

4th grade assignments

  • Description of a pretzel activity
  • Do the math exercise pg. 357
  • Exit slip about physical properties
  • Density of liquids lab
  • Density Application Exercise
  • Physical Properties Classifying
  • lesson 1 unit 7 quiz- Friday
  • Article of the Week- Due Friday

5th grade assignments

  • Answering lesson 1 essential question
  • exit ticket on characteristics of planets
  • Medication Safety quiz
  • Planet Vacation research
  • Planet Vacation presentation
  • Planet model lab
  • Planet model lab reflection sheet
  • Article of the week-Due Friday

6th grade assignments

  • Redesign Santa Barbara Harbor project
  • analysis questions #2-3 from activity 24
  • Medication Safety quiz
  • Comparison of topographical maps
  • Analysis of topographical maps
  • Boomtown topography/building sites quiz- due Friday
  • Bar graph from Data table of weather of Boomtown
  • Article of the week- due Friday

Here is a snapshot of what we did last week in Science:

4th Grade Science

This week students finished up their unit on energy.  They worked on a lab to determine what material was the better conductor of heat.  The lab compared metal and plastic seeing how quickly they would conduct heat.  They also prepared for their unit 9 test on energy that was on Thursday.  We also practiced refining our skills in making a claim and supporting it with sound evidence.


5th Grade Science

This week students wrapped up their unit on energy and ecosystems.  Students are recording data from a sample of bread to see if decomposing is taking place.  We are testing on 2 pieces of bread so that we have a control group to insure the validity of our results.  This lab connects to learning about decomposers in an ecosystem and what role they play.  Students also prepared and took their unit 6 test.


6th Grade Science

This week students continued our unit on erosion and deposition by exploring sedimentation that happens in bodies of water.  We created a model to see how sedimentations works with different materials (sand and soil).  We were able to observe that when a river is moving quickly the particles swirl around but when the river slows down the particles settle to the bottom.  We also looked at how beaches change and how sand moves down a coastline through longshore transport.


Each Monday by 5 pm I will post the assignments that we will be completing for that week onto my classroom page on the school website.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email.


Upcoming Reminders

4th Grade, 5th grade and 6th grade> article of the week  due Friday



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