Assignments and Updates for the week of January 22nd

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Assignments for week of Jan. 22 – Jan. 26, 2017

*this is what I plan to cover but I may make adjustments periodically according to the needs of the students.

4th grade assignments

  • Entrance slip- Why does ice float in water?
  • Law of Conservation of Mass Lab sheet
  • Lesson 4 Unit 7 quiz- Thursday/Friday
  • Plan experiment that shows you can change the state of matter without changing mass
  • Sum it up Activity pg 380
  • Concept map on unit vocabulary
  • Apply Concepts activity pg 382
  • Article of the week- due Friday
  • Begin studying for unit 7 test next week

5th grade assignments

  • Google slides on Space Explorer
  • Do the Math activity pg 562
  • exit slip about galaxies
  • Packing for Mars Group activity Presentation
  • Drawings for Packing for Mars activity
  • Unit 12 lesson 3 quiz- Wednesday
  • Article of the Week
  • Study for Unit 12 Test next week- Tues

6th grade assignments

  • Intra-act exercise about the New Orleans Role Play
  • Quiz over Activities 27,29 and 30- Wednesday
  • Student sheet 34.1
  • geologist’s report for building location in Boomtown
  • Presentation on their building site
  • Article of the Week


Here is a snapshot of what we did last week in Science:

4th Grade Science

This week students continued the unit on properties of matter looking specifically at physical properties.  They used their 5 senses to observe the physical properties of several objects in a lab this week.  We also worked on classifying various objects based upon their physical properties like shape, mass, odor, and texture.

5th Grade Science

This week students continued learning about our solar system and the various objects that orbit the sun.  They finished their planet models built to scale based upon their proximity to the sun.  We concluded the week by working on google slide biographies of various space explorers from Mae Jemison to Ellen Ochoa.

6th Grade Science

This week students continued on their unit on erosion and deposition.  Students looked at the rainfall affecting the fictitious town of Boomtown to further analyze which of the three places would be the best place to build more housing for the growing city.  We also honed on how average can be useful tool to use when looking at data but could also be misleading if there are a few outliers that affect the average but aren’t really representative of the situation being observed, tested, etc.   Students connected various concepts from erosion, deposition and weathering that we have been studying the last few weeks in a concept map.

Each Monday by 5 pm I will post the assignments that we will be completing for that week onto my classroom page on the school website.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email.

Upcoming Reminders

4th Grade, 5th grade and 6th grade> article of the week due Friday


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