Assignments and Updates for the week of February 5th

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Assignments for week of Feb. 5-9, 2018

*this is what I plan to cover but I may make adjustments periodically according to the needs of the students.

4th grade assignments

  • Concept Map of Unit 7 vocabulary words
  • Planning and Designing rubber band scale in science notebook
  • checklist of parts of the design process
  • Rubber band scale building
  • Kahoots review activity
  • Unit 7 Properties of Matter Test- Friday
  • Article of the Week- due Friday

5th grade assignments

  • Peer evaluation for Group Project
  • I-check sheet sun and shadows
  • drawings of the moon – notebook
  • night sky review questions
  • Phases of the Moon sheet 5b
  • Article of the Week- due Friday

6th grade assignments

  • Geologist’s report
  • Student sheet 35.1
  • Boomtown end of unit city council presentation
  • City council presentation poster
  • Article of the Week- due Friday

Here is a snapshot of what we did last week in Science:

4th Grade Science

This week students wrapped up their lab experiment that they planned in which they were to show that mass is unchanged through a change of the state of matter.  Hopefully, many of you were able to see the Super Blood Blue Moon Wednesday morning or at least saw pictures of it.  We discussed this is in class as we saw several NASA clips about the unique phenomenon that last happened 150 years ago!  Ask your student why the moon has that reddish tint to it during the lunar eclipse and what made this moon so rare.

5th Grade Science

This in short show week students presented to their respective class about what they would bring with them on their journey to Mars and how they would pack it in the storage box provided.  We also explored what happens during a lunar eclipse and more specifically what is taking place during a Super Blood Blue Moon.  Additionally, students were introduced to a new resource CK-12 that has some really engaging elements that students can manipulate to show what happens when the moon rotates around the earth.

6th Grade Science

This week students continued working on their geologist’s report and began to prepare a presentation for the Boomtown city council.  Students also worked tirelessly in preparation for the winter show in many different ways from decorations to arranging and preparing the different props to performances.


Each Monday by 5 pm I will post the assignments that we will be completing for that week onto my classroom page on the school website.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email.


Upcoming Reminders

4th Grade, 5th grade and 6th grade> article of the week  due Friday


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