Assignments and Updates for the week of February 12th

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Assignments for week of Feb. 12-16, 2018

*this is what I plan to cover but I may make adjustments periodically according to the needs of the students.

4th grade assignments

  • planning and designing their prototype for the rubber band scale lab
  • unit 7 properties of matter test on Wednesday (it got moved due to my illness last week)
  • unit review pgs 385-388
  • build models of their prototypes
  • KWL chart about geology
  • research about synthetic diamonds and their uses for science
  • Article of the week due Friday

5th grade assignments

  • complete I-check 1 sheet about sun and shadows
  • Night Sky Log completing 3 nights out of 4 and returning on Friday
  • Night Sky review questions
  • Phases of the Moon sheet 5b
  • complete I-check 2 sheet
  • Unit 12 quiz 3 over sun, moon and shadows- Friday
  • Article of the week due Friday

6th grade assignments

  • Complete analysis and poster for building site location presentation- Tuesday
  • complete first two columns of student sheet 1.1
  • Analysis questions 1 and 2 from activity 1
  • science word sort in science notebook
  • collecting local weather data in tables in science notebook
  • Article of the week due Friday


Here is a snapshot of what we did last week in Science:

4th Grade Science

This week students began working on designing and planning their own rubber band scale.  We looked at the similarities between a rubber band and a spring scale.  Students reviewed the design process from earlier in the year in order to plan out their prototypes.  They also worked on creating a concept map to link key ideas together in the unit on properties of matter.


5th Grade Science

This week students began looking at the Sun and shadows to understand how the Earth moves around the Sun.  They also looked at how the Sun creates different shadows at different times of the day as well as different times of the year.  We did a demonstration with a globe and lamp to show how the Sun hits the Earth creating night and day and also how places like Alaska can have almost 24 hrs of light in the summer and almost no light in the winter because of the Earth being tilted.


6th Grade Science

This week students continued working on their presentations for the Boomtown city council where they use the evidence and information from the unit to make a case that their particular building site would be the best place to build more housing.  They will need to take into account any disadvantages to their site and explain how they would overcome those disadvantages.  


Each Monday by 5 pm I will post the assignments that we will be completing for that week onto my classroom page on the school website.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email.


Upcoming Reminders

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