Assignments and Updates for the week of December 4th

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Assignments for week of Dec. 4 – Dec. 8, 2017

*this is what I plan to cover but I may make adjustments periodically according to the needs of the students.

4th grade assignments:

–       Energy skit/presentation assignment with groups

–       Hybrid cars research activity

–       Sum it up activity pg 440-441

–       Analyzing claims and evidence exercise

–       3 column chart on the ways we use energy

–       Unit 9 lesson 1 quiz- Due Wednesday

–       Heating things up lab sheet

–       Apply concepts questions pg 458

–       Article of the Week- Due Friday


5th grade assignments

–       Energy flow chart group activity

–       Sum it up exercise pg 302

–       Food Web problem activity and presentation

–       Unit 6 lesson 1 quiz- Due Thursday

–       Decomposers STEM lab

–       Article of the Week- Due Friday


6th grade assignments

–       Wind erosion article and questions 1-3

–       Wind erosion lab sheet

–       River erosion lab sheet

–       Exit slip on glaciers

–       Mini landslide lab sheet

–       Article of the week- Due Friday



Here is a snapshot of what we did last week in Science:

4th Grade Science

This week students learned about different forms of energy including kinetic, potential, light, sound, electrical and chemical.  We will be exploring these forms of energy through various projects and experiments over the next several weeks.  Students are working on a research project about hybrid cars and will be demonstrating their knowledge of various types of energy through group skits.


5th Grade Science

This week students are exploring the relationship between energy and ecosystems.  We learned about the different parts of an ecosystem including producers, consumers, decomposers, omnivores, herbivores and carnivores.  They looked at various ecosystems and are beginning to think through what would happen in an ecosystem if one part of the chain were to be broken.  As a case study we looked at the Wolves at Yellowstone National Park that were wiped out in the mid 1920’s and the repercussions felt through the whole park as a result.


6th Grade Science

This week students continued to look at various forms of weathering and erosion.  Students completed a lab where they imitated rocks being broken up due to physical weathering using sugar cubes.  They were able to see the large amounts of time needed in order for physical weathering to occur.  We will begin to look at wind erosion and how a windstorm works.  Students also explored around the playground looking for examples of chemical and physical weathering.  Here are some pictures:




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