Arts@Decatur Winter Show Ticket Information

Hello Decatur Families! 
Ms. Schmittle and I are excited to announce the ticket information for the Arts@Decatur Winter Show! All of the students have really stepped up and are focused on creating an exceptional performance for you! Please click here to reserve tickets from Eventbrite. Tickets are free. 
Helpful Tips!
  • Come early to purchase flowers, water, and Winter Show DVDs through door 8.
  • Entrance for the theatre is through the door off the parking lot into the MPR. There will be no parent entrance through the main office. Follow the signs.
  • The Decatur hallway is the backstage for the performers. Please note that you can only access the rest of Decatur through door 8.
  • Space is limited and shows will be full, so please be sure to reserve your tickets as early as possible.
  • 5th grade dance ensemble will perform in the Thursday, February 1st morning show only.
  • If you are late, please wait until the door is opened between pieces to enter. The light, wind, and sound is distracting for the performers.
  • There will be a professional videographer and DVDs of the show for sale. Please enjoy the show with your eyes only. Photo and video are not allowed. Please be in the moment and present with all our students.
  • The show run time is 60 minutes. Please plan to stay for the entire show. If there is an emergency, please wait for an applause to exit.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at We look forward to seeing you there! 
Chelsea + Cate

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