MISS GARLOCK         1/22-1/26

Reminders   This Week
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We are taking a class fieldtrip on February 14th– A bright pink permission sheet was sent home. Please sign and return.

Dolphin Delegates (student congress) was introduced this week. Students who were interested in applying to student congress brought home an application. If your child is applying, please have them return the application by Monday 1/29.
MATH: We finished chapter 6 on division- students learned how to divide with 1 and 0, and related facts for multiplication and division. We took a chater 6 assessment on Friday.
READING & LANGUAGE ARTS: We read about Legos and Minecraft! Students needed to compare and contrast the two, as well as make inference. In gammar, students learned how to use irregular verbs and linking verbs.
SCIENCE: We finished chapter 5 about environments for living things on Monday, played a Scoot review game on Tuesday, and took our test on Wednesday!
SOCIAL STUDIES: This week, we finished up learning about the government. We also read about and answered questions about Celia Cruz!
SECOND STEP: We learned about how to problem solve and how to finish tasks.


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