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Weekly Newsletter February 12th- 16th

Literacy: This week we explored sequencing. We discussed how sequencing can mean putting the events of a story in order, but it also can...   Read More

Miss Garlock’s Weekly Newsletter 2/12-2/16

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Reminders   Reminders  February 22nd & March 24th: Decatur Parent University, David Castro-Harris, Alternatives, Inc. Presentation: Restorative Practices 101 & Restorative Tools from 6:00-7:30...   Read More

Room 102 News – 2/16/17

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We had an exciting week at school. On Tuesday we said goodbye to the desk in the classroom and got new tables. We will...   Read More

Quid novi?

Quid Novi? What’s New? Kindergarten This week kindergarten students finished reading the Odyssey for the first time! We have not said goodbye to Odysseus, however! We...   Read More

Weekly Music Update: February 12-16

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What should I ask my child this week? K – Can compose a rhythm for me? 1st – What instruments did you play this...   Read More

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